What Is a Beauty Blender And How Do I Use It?

The Beauty Blender is a sponge used for applying liquid make-up. The tear shape ensures an easy and even distribution of the product over the entire face. Where does the Beauty Blender come from, what are the properties, use and types? How to use, wash and choose the original?

Beauty Blender – Where does it come from?

Beauty Blender was invented and patented in 2002 by a Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann. The pink tear-shaped sponge designed for the makeup application quickly became a hit. Today it is used not only by famous makeup artists but also by women all over the world. Beauty Blender can be recognized by the unique shape of a tear. Thanks to the fact that it has no sharp edges, it even facilitates the application of makeup. As a result, there are no streaks, spots or spots, discolorations and fine lines are less visible.

Beauty Blender – properties and use

Beauty Blender is a soft and elastic, porous sponge. Thanks to the structure resembling a honeycomb, the water effectively retains. If it gets wet before use, it only absorbs the cosmetic to a minimum. Beauty Blender does not contain latex and is odorless and hypoallergenic. It must be washed regularly.

Originally, the Beauty Blender had to function as a sponge to apply only a foundation. Nevertheless, use has expanded over time and now includes the application of a blush in the form of a cream, a concealer and even a face cream.

 Beauty Blender – types

The original Beauty Blender measures 5.5 cm by 3.5 cm, weighs 4 g and has a pink color. Over time, the sponges began to appear in many other sizes, shapes, colors, and purposes. Today, the cosmetics market is rich in different types, here they are:

  • Beauty Blusher – a smaller version of the Beauty Blender designed for applying a blush in the form of a cream or a powder. The gray color makes it easier to adjust and combine the shades.
  • Beauty Blender micro and mini miniature – Beauty Blender distribute cosmetics with even greater precision, especially in such areas of the face as the corners of the eyes, eyelids or around the nose. It allows for more precise contouring and clarification of facial features.
  • White Beauty Blender is used for applying colorless preparations, such as creams and serums.
  • Black Beauty Blender is designed for self-tanners.
  • Blotterazzi sponge is intended to collect excess sebum. It refreshes makeup and does not violate it. It has the advantage of blotter paper that it adheres to the skin with all its surface, so that it absorbs sebum evenly and does not rub the makeup, while the latter only collects from those places where they are pressed.

Beauty Blender – how to use?

To use the Beauty Blender, you need to moisten it with running water and squeeze out excess water with a paper towel. Once the sponge is ready, dab it into the makeup product and transfer it to your face. Press it gently but firmly onto your face and keep taping it around. Don’t wipe the sponge over your face, just bounce it to dot gently or press the makeup into the skin for a flawless finish. The wider part of the applicator will suit larger areas, such as the forehead and cheeks, while using the pointed edge, and apply the makeup to smaller areas, for example around the eyes and nose.

How to determine the original Beauty blender?

Every time a product becomes a popular hit, the number of fake imitations will grow. The same goes for the Beauty Blender. Unfortunately, it becomes more difficult to determine if the product is genuine because of the misleading and false information that is on the label of most applicators. While we risk buying a fake product everywhere, buying online seems to be the most risky solution. What you should take into account in such a case is the surprisingly low price, although it can also be misleading; manufacturers are raising the price of fake copies so as not to discourage potential customers from buying them. The original Beauty Blender is extremely soft, has fewer pores than the counterfeit and is easier to absorb water, and as a result it decreases and becomes more resilient.

How to wash Beauty Blender?

Beaut Blender should be washed before each use or after each application: the manufacturer guarantees that this will help keep it in a perfect shape for up to 4 months! It is worth washing it with the special soap and special liquid, but you can continue with a regular soap or shampoo. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned, set it aside and let it air dry – make sure the place is airy, away from the stove and free from moisture and sunlight. Failure to meet these conditions will adversely affect the durability of the product.

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