Ten Natural Antibiotics From Your Kitchen Cupboard

Many diseases are caused by hidden chronic inflammations. We don’t see and feel them until our immune system is so weakened that we get sick. You can “treat chronic” inflammations with all kinds of delicious products from your kitchen. Discover my ten favorites.

Antibiotics can be life-saving, but…

Antibiotics are substances against bacterial infections in your body. If you have little resistance, it is difficult for your body to fight infection itself. Antibiotics are found in nature, but there are also many pharmaceutical antibiotics that can be life-saving. They are prescribed by doctors for various inflammations or infections. ….

The disadvantage is: your intestinal flora in complete chaos

A disadvantage of pharmaceutical antibiotics is that bacteria can build up resistance to them; then they have become insensitive to it, the bacterium can no longer be controlled with it. Antibiotics also ensure that not only the pathogenic bacterium is killed, but also all others, including many good ones, that live in your intestines. As a result, the bad bacteria can get the upper hand. This weakens your immune system and leads to new problems. Moreover, it takes a long time before the intestinal flora has recovered.

Take a look in your kitchen cupboard

Therefore, if there is a slight infection, look in your kitchen cupboard to see if there is no natural antibiotic. Because nature has given us many medicines that we can use against hidden, chronic inflammation in our body.


Fresh ginger acts as an antibiotic in food poisoning. It also works well with seasickness or nausea. Ginger stimulates the production of stomach acid and has an anti-inflammatory effect thanks to the gingerol substance. Can be added to many different dishes, or make tea out of it.


Crushing a clove of garlic causes the release of allicin, which works against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Garlic also helps to maintain a healthy intestinal flora. Make tea with it, eat it raw or process it into slightly cooked food.

Onions and shallots

Onions are anti-inflammatory and blood pressure lowering. They render bacteria in your mouth harmless and contribute to stronger bones and connective tissue. And a cut onion next to your bed in the event of a cold really helps!

Raw honey

Dark raw honey has powerful antibacterial properties. It works well with burns and blisters, can stop gum disease and reduce plaque. It even helps against the difficult bacteria Helicobacter Pylori.


The best-known health benefit of cinnamon is that it helps to stabilize your  blood sugar levels , helping it to recover from diabetes 2.

Extra virgin coconut oil

Has recently become known that k okosolie is very healthy. It is a special type of saturated fat (with medium-long fatty acids) that gives energy, but that does not make us fat. The lauric acid in coconut oil tackles bacteria, fungi and viruses and supports your intestinal flora. You can both eat it and put it on your skin. Coconut oil is great for frying and can be heated well.


Pepper Cayenne pepper has anti-inflammatory effects due to the substance contained in capsaicin, known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Capsaicin helps with colds and throat infections due to streptococci. Cayenne pepper increases the release of digestive juices in your stomach, so that food can be better digested, which contributes to a better immune system.

Turmeric or turmeric

Turmeric can be used both internally and externally for rheumatic complaints, stomach, intestinal and cardiovascular diseases. The active substance is curcumin; a powerful antioxidant. It is also used in cancer prevention and control. Can be added to all kinds of dishes and sauces.


Oregano works anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial and it is active against parasites, due to the essential oils in it, which contain thymol and caracole. Oregano also has anti-cancer properties. You can use it for a candida infection. It is relaxing and it is a good antioxidant. Use it to the full in your kitchen alongside the other Provencal herbs.


The active substance euganol in clove is antiseptic. It helps against toothache and against fungi and lime nails. Clove powder is easy to process in soups, spicy bean dishes and even in carrot cake.

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