More And More People With Dry And Sensitive Skin

Do you suffer from dry and sensitive skin? Especially with the onset of winter many suffer from it. Low temperatures, rain showers and strong wind cause changes in the skin.

The skin is our largest organ and has an important barrier function: protecting the body against external influences such as dirt, radiation and bacteria. The skin consists of three layers. If people have dry skin, it is because the cells of the upper skin layer undergo a maturation program. Because the cells in this skin layer excrete too little fat, the skin feels less flexible. However, the amount of natural fats that the skin produces differs per person,



Dry skin is usually due to low fat excretion through the skin cell and is therefore often genetically determined. Dr Zwart-Storm: “About one in six Dutch people suffer from it: dry skin. You have dry skin if it feels dry and attracts, especially after showering. Small chips may also develop. It is quite common: 20 percent of children under the age of seven suffer from eczema complaints. Babies have oily skin, but as we get older we dry out. People who have passed the age of 80 almost always have dry legs and arms. ”

People who suffer from eczema often also have asthmatic and hay fever symptoms. This is due to the problems with their skin barrier. When it is disturbed, this not only ensures dry skin, but allergens such as dust mites and pollen can penetrate the skin. This is how an allergy such as hay fever can develop. Asthma can occur as a result of long-term allergic inflammation in the lung tissue.


Show less?

What is the biggest misunderstanding about dry skin? The Black Storm: “In the past people with dry skin were advised to shower less and use as little soap as possible. But the scientific standard of dermatologists worldwide has come back to that. The advice we give today is that too little showering and washing can also be counterproductive, because it is also good to get rid of dirt and certain bacteria during washing.

Taking a dry skin briefly once a day is fine, twice a day is too much. ”In addition, it is better to clean your skin with an oil or dermatological gel whose PH value is similar to that of your skin. so that your skin does not become even drier. It is best to grease the skin with an oil or cream within three minutes of showering or washing to restore the skin barrier.


Skin disorders

Eczema is a more advanced variant of dry skin. This involves a continuously disrupted skin barrier. This is expressed in redness, small blisters, flaking, swelling, red bumps, scabs and is often accompanied by a lot of itching. When people from both their mothers and fathers have a genetic defect in the skin barrier, a fish scales may develop; ichtyosis. People with ichthyologist benefit greatly from fatty ointments and ointments with ten or twenty percent urea in them. That retains excellent moisture.


Older people with dry skin also benefit from this. Another skin condition in which dry skin occurs is Psoriasis. “In people with psoriasis, the renewal of skin cells is much faster than in others. The maturation program of the skin cells normally lasts 30 days, but skin with psoriasis does so in six or ten days. That goes too fast for those cells and therefore flakes are created. Accelerated cell division is probably caused by miscommunication of the cells of the immune system and cells of the epidermis, resulting in a disturbed skin barrier. “

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