Healthy Pregnant: This is How Your Body Changes When You Expect a Baby

Congratulations, you are expecting! A lot will change. That starts with your own body. You will notice that your body will behave differently. This also includes a new need for care. How do you deal with this?

The first signs of your pregnancy

Even before you have had a pregnancy test at all, you can already notice some subtle changes in your body. The absence of menstruation is of course an important signal. Bleeding bleeding can also be an omen. This is a small blood test about five days before your period should be. But there are other signs that may indicate that you may be pregnant.

You can suffer from severe fatigue, nausea or mood changes. Headaches, sensitive breasts and binge eating can also be a signal from your body. Not all women have these symptoms, so it is not always a reliable way to diagnose a pregnancy. However, do you notice that you feel different than normal, in combination with these omens? Then it might be a good idea to buy a test or to visit your doctor.

The first trimester: getting used to it

The first three months of your pregnancy are often the most exciting. Many people wait until the end of this period to announce their pregnancy, so you may have to keep secret the ailments that can occur now. Those ailments vary per person.

This way you can suffer from nausea, dizziness and fatigue. Mood swings are also a common phenomenon in the first trimester. The main culprit: hormones. Growing a whole new person in your womb takes a lot of energy.

Your body is also starting to change in appearance. Your breasts start to increase in size after 4 weeks of pregnancy. Your uterus also grows. At the end of the first trimester your uterus has become so large that you can feel it on the outside.

The second trimester: the pregnancy glow

The second trimester is experienced by many women as the best period of their pregnancy. Many pregnancy ailments decrease, such as nausea and tiredness. In exchange, you can develop the coveted pregnancy glow.

During this period, in addition to your breasts and your uterus, your belly also starts to grow. On average you will arrive around a pound a week. You can no longer keep your pregnancy secret: it literally radiates from you.

Unfortunately, ailments can also occur in this trimester. This way you can suffer from restless legs, tire pain, hemorrhoids and pain in your lower back. Also pay attention when you go in the sun, because all the hormones have more chance of pigmentation.

The third trimester: the last mile

They sometimes say that the last mile is the most important thing, and that often also applies to your pregnancy. Your belly grows so big in this period that it can get in the way. The baby presses nicely on your bladder, so you have to go to the toilet every ten minutes. You can also suffer from varicose veins, pregnancy dementia and a stuffy feeling. There is also the chance that you will go to the physiotherapist to get help with pelvic instability and urine loss.

The most important thing in the third trimester is of course the countdown to the birth. Your body starts practicing hard, so you will often have hard bellies. A little disclosure can even occur. So it’s not so strange that you go on maternity leave in this trimester. Your body is hard and work, so you really need your rest.

Pregnant and your health insurance

So having a baby requires a lot from your body. Both the pregnancy itself and the birth cause many changes for your health and the corresponding increase in healthcare costs. So it is smart to look at a good health insurance policy that helps you cover these costs.

Pay particular attention to costs that are not covered by the basic insurance, such as physiotherapy, pregnancy courses and personal contributions. You need a supplementary package for this, which can vary per insurer. So compare different policies and possibly switch if you can get better coverage.

Tips for dealing with your changing body

Fortunately, pregnancy is, in addition to all the ailments that can occur for most women, a very pleasant and special time. Moreover, the ailments are not nearly the same for everyone. Do you suffer from all hormones and physical changes? Then these tips can help:

Eat and drink against nausea. An empty stomach often causes more nausea. Drink some ginger tea and eat a cracker or the inside of a baguette.

Listen to your body. Take a rest if you need it and do not force yourself. You now have a good excuse for an extra nap, so take it good.

Take care of others as little as possible. Some people may react less understanding if you take some extra rest. Everyone is different and you know what is best for you, so try to ignore those people.

Consult with your obstetrician or doctor if you are worried. It is their job to help your pregnancy go as healthy as possible. Better to complain once too much than once too little.

Adjust your clothes. Buy some fine position clothing and a good-growth bra on time. This way your body can grow comfortably and you don’t have to open the knot of your jeans every time you sit down.

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