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Do You Keep Looking Young With Facial Yoga?

Exercises for tight abdominal and buttock muscles, with which all fitness adepts are familiar. Many women put in some effort to work on their figure and men like to show off their ‘six pack’.

But what about the muscles of the face? Who thinks to train it? It is important to spend enough time on that as well, as facial yoga would help to look a little younger.

Anyone can do it, you don’t need anything for it and it has no side effects. It just takes some time


Sharpen your facial contours

The head and neck have no less than 57 muscles. If you tighten it sufficiently and keep it stable, the skin around it (which is worn by those muscles) will also stay in place and become tighter. That is the starting point of the facial yogi. Firmer muscles in the face and neck would ensure that you develop fewer (frown) wrinkles and crow’s feet and that the walls under your eyes become smaller. You can stimulate and train those muscles by doing facial exercises or yoga.

It is a theory that is propagated by ‘Happy Face Yoga’ from the United States, but is often laughed at by skeptics. However, a recent study by some dermatologists at Northwestern University (Feinberg School of Medicine) on 20 women between the ages of 40 and 65 shows that such facial yoga may work in the fight against facial aging … provided you have enough (read want to invest ‘a lot’ of time. The first two months every half hour, the next three months every two days half an hour.

The results are of course personal and are also influenced by the lifestyle, hereditary predisposition and the weather conditions (exposure to wind and sun) in which the person in question lives.

According to the study, the test subjects had made the most progress in their jaw muscles, which had become fuller and larger. That counterbalanced the weakened skin and fat tissue on their faces, making them look slightly younger. You can more or less compare it to a wrinkled beach ball that is blown up into a smooth ball.

The jaw lift is therefore the exercise that pays the most in terms of results, but according to ‘Happy Face Yoga’ you can do a total of 32 different exercises to tighten your skin and to smooth out wrinkles or lines! Some strengthen the large muscle (obicularis oculi) around your eye, others provide the laughing muscle (zygomaticus major), which sometimes saddles the face with dimples.

Below we introduce you to the first two. Do not experiment with grimacing yourself because that can have the opposite effect and make your facial muscles work the wrong way.


Lift your jaws yourself

To strengthen your jaw muscles, you have to do the jaw lift. This is done as follows:

  • Open your mouth as wide as you can (form a very large O) and pull your upper lip over your upper teeth;
  • Put your face in a smile position to feel the jaw muscles;
  • Place your index fingers horizontally on top of your jaw muscles (just below your eyes) and then relax your jaw muscles by pushing them down again;
  • Laugh again to pull up and tighten your jaws. You should feel the muscle tense under your finger.
  • Do that jaw muscle push-up ten times and stay in the tensed position for 20 seconds the last time.

If you’ve done it right, your jaw muscles will be stiff, just like your other muscles when they are doing intense exercise.


Get rid of those bags

With this exercise you reduce the bags under your eyes and make your lower eyelids firmer, making your eyes bigger.

We start in the same position: mouth wide open, upper lip over the teeth and in a laughing position.

Frown your eyes as you raise your lower eyelids.

Place three fingertips (in vertical position) just below your lower eyelids (at the very top of your jaws) and press them firmly.

Let them slide down a little while trying to close your eyes. Meanwhile, raise your lower eyelids. You have to feel the pressure.

Relax the eyelids and open your eyes again. Do that exercise ten times?


Does it really work?

Some dermatologists remain skeptical of the rejuvenating effects of facial yoga, even after the findings and conclusions of Northwestern University’s research team. One of the arguments is that after five months of exercise, the test subjects’ facial skin did not score better in the ‘Merz-Carruthers Facial Aging Photo scales’. This is an indicator that measures the wrinkles, crow’s feet and (frown) lines and indicates facial aging.

Nor does Berend van der Lei, Professor of Cosmetic Surgery at the University Medical Center in Groningen, support the theory that stronger facial muscles make a face look younger. According to him, it is mainly skin deterioration, fat loss in the face and general weakening of the face that are responsible for making us look older. Not the sagging muscles. Some wrinkles even arise by laughing a lot, dixit van der Lei.



There are believers and non believers regarding the effects of facial yoga.

Anyway: don’t help, it certainly won’t hurt.

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