Diaper Rash On Your Baby: What Can You Do?

It happens quite often and your baby can suffer quite a bit: diaper rash. How do you recognize it and how do you get rid of it?

Diaper rash with your baby is a very annoying ailment. Your baby’s skin is still very sensitive and little is needed to irritate the skin. An abrasive, full diaper can quickly cause diaper rashes. What is diaper rash and more important: how does your little one get rid of it as quickly as possible? We tell you!


How Do You Recognize Diaper Rash?

Recognizing diaper rash is actually not that difficult: the skin on and around your baby  ‘s buttocks is red in color and inflamed. Often your little one also has swollen bumps on and around the buttocks. Open spaces may also arise.

Diaper rashes can be very itchy and hurt a lot. You can tell from your baby that he may be crying or frustrated more often, especially if you change the diaper. The appetite can also decrease.



Your child may develop a diaper rash because the aggressive substances contained in urine and faeces irritate the delicate baby skin. The rash can also occur due to friction and the sanding of the diaper.



Is diaper rash a fungus? Not necessarily. We call the ‘normal’ result just a result. But if that rash is accompanied by pink-red bumps or white bumps with pus around a red spot on the buttocks or around the mouth, then it can be a fungal infection. Furthermore, with a fungal infection, the gluteal seam is often also under the spots and not with a diaper rash. The fungal infection must be treated with a special anti-fungal ointment such as miconazole (daktarin). Your doctor can prescribe a prescription at the pharmacy.



How can you prevent diaper rashes? We list some tips:

  • Change the diaper regularly, even if you see that there is only a small amount of stool in it.
  • Thoroughly clean your baby’s buttocks with unscented wipes or a washcloth and warm water.
  • Occasionally leave your baby without a diaper . This way the skin can dry in the air for a while and you prevent the skin from brewing.
  • Use well-fitting diapers . A diaper in the wrong size can sand.
  • Keep your baby’s skin well-oiled with zinc ointment or oil.
  • Only use care products that are really suitable for delicate baby skin.



It is important to treat diaper rash on time, otherwise your baby’s skin may start to inflammate. Useful tips in addition to those from above:

  • Friction can only irritate the skin. Pat the skin dry with a hydrophilic cloth .
  • Is the stool stuck? With a little extra baby oil on a cloth, you can easily take it off without really having to scrub.
  • Zinc ointment or oil helps to restore the skin, so lubricate the skin as soon as you have patted it dry.
  • Do you have cotton, washable diapers ? After washing, rinse well again in a basin with 1 liter of water and a tablespoon of vinegar, this ensures that any soap residues are removed.


Good butt creams

To treat diaper rash, it is important to regularly lubricate with a good butt cream. We are very fan of Dr. ‘s butt ointment. Leenarts  (with 30% zinc) and that of Aldanex !



Follow the above steps anyway when handling the result. If your baby has open spots in the diaper rash, it is also important to protect that skin well. Coat it well with zinc ointment or oil (or Aldanex ) so that urine and faeces can no longer reach broken skin. And ‘airing’ your baby extra is also very good in this case!


Sometimes you think you recognize diaper rashes, but it is a different kind of rash. What kinds of results are we talking about? 

  • Dewworm

Looks like thick rough red, chapped spots with white or yellow flakes on the groins, genitals or lower abdomen (possibly on the head).

  • Currant beard

Looks like pimples and sores with a yellow crust. The ulcers easily break and itch.

  • Heat rash

Looks like pimples with very small pink bumps that are mainly found in the skin folds of the diaper.



In principle you do not have to go to the doctor with a diaper rash. However, if the result gets worse or lasts a long time, you can make an appointment. Even if you think your baby has a fungal infection, it is wise to stop by as soon as possible.



Dry baby buttocks with a hair dryer

It may work well to get the buttocks dry quickly, but we do not recommend this method. With a hair dryer you blow air over the genital area, and that can encourage infections. Simply allowing to air dry is better.


Talcum powder

Talcum powder has the property that it absorbs moisture easily and is slightly fat, but we do not recommend using it for your baby. Talcum powder works as an impenetrable layer and it does nothing else. It has no healing effect, such as zinc ointment, which in turn causes skin irritation.


Sudocreme instead of zinc ointment or oil

Sudocreme is the big favorite among moms, as well as Penaten, Natusan , Bepanthen, Inotyol, Daktozin, Weleda and Derma Care. What these ointments do is basically the same as the zinc ointment or oil; they apply a greasy layer to the skin that has a protective effect. These are therefore worth trying! Every skin is different and therefore reacts differently to various types of creams. If your baby has diaper rashes, it is important that you do not use perfumed ointments or wipes.

Corn starch or raw protein

To throw Maizena on the result seems to be obsolete because of the yeast in it. This yeast would actually make a fungal infection worse (note: for diaper rash this evidence has not been found). Raw protein is also outdated, because the risks of transferring samonella have not yet been properly investigated. We prefer to recommend the ‘normal’ remedies such as zinc ointment.


What also emerged as the ultimate tip on forums was a dash of Badedas in the bath water. After two to three times the result is completely gone. We have not yet tested this ourselves, but if you have experience with this, please let us know!

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