8 Favourite Baby Cribs

Your little baby is not as lost in a crib as it is in a large crib. Cribs give a sense of security. We found many specimens to fall in love with! Oh boy, there are so many places where you can let your newborn baby sleep. In the crib that you bought, in your room in a co-sleeper or in a cute crib. We show you 8 nice mini cribs for your newborn baby!

How Long Does A Baby Sleep In A Crib?

On average, a baby fits in a crib for around five months. One parent makes the switch to the bed because the baby has simply grown out of the cradle, others because, for example, the child is becoming much more mobile. If your child starts turning and can pull himself up at the edge, a crib that you can lower is a good idea.

Vintage Mini Crib

How cute is this cradle from Pure Experience? We love the vintage look! And handy, this cradle is slightly higher than the standard cradles, so you certainly won’t get a sore back when you hang over the cradle for days.

Romantic Rattan Baby Crib

We saw this low rattan cradle at Lidor and boy o boy, so we fell in love with this super cute specimen!

Moses Basket Baby Crib

This ‘Moses Basket’ is from Childhome and how cute is it to let your little one sleep in it for the first time? Of course, you can on the floor, but there are also standards where you can safely put this basket on.

Vintage Rattan Baby Cradle

Another cute, rattan cradle with a wonderful vintage look & feel! We regularly offer these cribs in its webshop. But sometimes they are all sold out, so keep an eye on it.

Even More Fun And Practical Cribs

1. Round wooden crib from Stokke.

2. Light grey wooden rocking crib via Babyhouse Casita.

3. Green-blue wooden Childwood cradle (also in other colors)

4. The crib in a Scandinavian look

Baby Nest

You can also let your child sleep in a baby nest in the crib when he or she has outgrown the cradle. Your baby will fit in a baby nest for about 8-12 months and as a result, he will not be lost in a large bed. These are our favourite baby litters.

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