5 Tips to Enjoy The Sun Safely

Summer is coming. That means at the same time that the power of the sun becomes stronger and stronger. How can you safely enjoy the sun? Read five tips here!


Tip 1 – Protect your skin against both UVA and UVB radiation

UVA and UVB radiation are both harmful to the skin. UVA radiation is very dangerous because it gives no visible reaction in the skin, but can cause skin aging complaints and skin cancer at a later age. UVB radiation causes burn and ultimately the tan of your skin. UVC radiation is the most harmful but fortunately does not reach the earth’s surface.

There is always UV radiation in the air, so even in winter or on a cloudy day it is important to rub yourself well. The sun power is strongest between twelve and three o’clock in the afternoon, then look for the shadow.


Tip 2 – Do not use too much oil!

Do not be frugal with sunscreen. If you put on sunscreen it may feel as if you are using too much. To get the protection stated on the product ( the Protection Factor ) you must apply a minimum of 2 milligrams per square centimeter on the skin.

Do not be shocked, because this amounts to approximately 7 tablespoons in total: 1 tablespoon for face and neck, 2 tablespoons for arms and shoulders, 2 tablespoons for chest, abdomen and back, 2 tablespoons for legs and feet. If you lubricate less than these quantities, you have less protection.


Tip 3 – Regularly under the sunbed is not a good preparation

Using the solarium prior to a holiday to get a tan is not a good idea at all. No matter how nice people think it is, it has no added value. There is a large amount of UVA radiation which can cause many aging complaints / pre-stages of skin cancer.

And although the skin is discolored, it is still no guarantee that the skin will not be burned by the real sun rays. Always keep lubricating! People who often go under the sunbed are 75 percent more likely to have skin cancer.


Tip 4 – Protect babies and children even better

The baby skin has no protective pigment yet, so it is better to keep the baby out of the sun for the first year of life. Then let the child get used to the sun and rub the skin well with sun cream with a high factor. Lubricate preferably 30 minutes before they go into the sun. Spread very generously and every two hours, a thin layer prevents UV light. And also take the ears with you when applying.


Tip 5 – Wear sun protective clothing

Not only the use of good sun protection, but also wearing sun protective clothing is very important. Wear a cap or hat, this provides good protection for the head, face, neck and shoulders and reduces the risk of sunstroke. Also put on sunglasses with UV filter to protect your eyes.

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